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Tonight’s Sky

February 27, 2009

All the astronomy blogs that I follow are mentioning tonight’s conjunction of the crescent Moon and Venus, so I figured I would join the bandwagon.

At sunset today, check the western sky.  Venus is only a few days past the brightest it will be all year.  Venus will be joined by a very thin crescent Moon.  Only 10% of the Moon will be illuminated.

Hope far clear skies.


Check Out Tonight’s Sky–Moon, Venus and Jupiter

December 1, 2008

Tonight the crescent Moon, Venus, and Jupiter will all be clustered tightly together.  The Moon will actually eclispe Venus, but we won’t be able to see it–unless you are in Europe.

Venus is the bright one.  Jupiter is actually more than 50 times brighter, but because it is so far away, it appears smaller and dimmer.

Enjoy the view.

The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter

February 4, 2008
The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter Rising over Simi Valley

After the Sun, the three brightest objects in the night sky are the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. This morning, all three were grouped fairly close together and were visible before sunrise.

On Friday morning, Venus and Jupiter were at conjunction–less than 1 degree apart. This morning, the Moon joined the grouping in a very nice sight.

I’m a little disappointed with the focus of the photo, but you can see the crescent waning Moon rising over the Simi Hills, with Venus just above, and Jupiter above Venus.