Being Your Own Enemy

It’s been a while since my last post.  I guess I haven’t had too many thoughts, random or otherwise, that I thought were worth sharing.  I guess it’s time to have a random thought or two.

A couple Fridays ago, I was setting up an activity for our annual scout camporee.  I was driving wooden stakes into the ground when one swing of the hammer glanced off of the stake and hit my hand right above my left index finger.  I had a small cut but a very large and sore bruise under it.   If the initial injury wasn’t bad enough, I would bump it occasionally and get that painful reminder that it was still sore.

Thursday morning, I was on a short hike above Toganga Canyon. (Check it out here.)  I stopped for a rest and a quick snack about half way through the hike.  I was sitting on the ground, “enjoying” my chocolate Power Bar when I felt something crawling on my hand.  I looked down and saw the “bug” and gave it a quick whack.  Unfortunately, the bug was actually the scab from the hammer strike.  And, of course, whacking my hand was really whacking the underlying bruise which was still quite sore and immediately became a lot sorer.

Some days, it might be better to just stay in bed.


One Response to “Being Your Own Enemy”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    I totally agree! Sorry about your hand. I hope it feels better very soon 😮

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