Geocaching’s 10.10.10 Worldwide Party

My hobby, Geocaching, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.  With Sunday’s 10.10.10 date, there were geocaching parties worldwide.  Because of that, a record number of geocachers logged a cache Sunday.  The  current count is over 75,000.

I attended a nearby Geocaching event, hosted by a geocaching hiking buddy, Bart.  It was held at 10:10 AM for 10 minutes.

The video below is a quick explanation of geocaching.

I found my first geocache on May 6, 2001.  Monday, I found my 6125th cache.  I have finds in 27 states, in 3 countries (USA, Canada, and Costa Rica).  My closest find is just around the corner from my house; the farthest is in Baddeck, Nova Scotia– 3093 miles from home.  The farthest north and west are caches in Alaska and the farthest south in a cache in Costa Rica.

I have a geocaching blog–GeoCraig’s Caching Adventures–where I chronicle some of my geocaching activities.  Stop on by.



One Response to “Geocaching’s 10.10.10 Worldwide Party”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    WOW, you have done a LOT of caches in 9 years!

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