What Do They Want?

On Sunday night, Manuel Jamines held a bloody knife.  He was drunk.  He was threatening at least 2 women.  Bystanders stopped 3 LAPD officers that were nearby.  The officers told Jamines to drop the knife.  The commands were in English and in Spanish.  Instead of complying, Jamines raised the knife and moved toward the police officers.  One of them shot Jamines twice, killing him.  Total elapsed time:  40 seconds.  The aftermath:  3 nights of not-so-peaceful protests, including setting fires in the streets and throwing rocks and bottles at the police.

What is the problem?  Someone was threatening innocent women, the police tried to stop him, he attacked the police.  What were the police supposed to do?  Wait until he knifed the women?  Wait until he knifed the police officers?

Instead of protesting the officers actions, the community should be thrilled that the police responded so quickly to protect the lives of their neighbors.  Some of the people attending a community meeting with the chief of police shouted, “Killers! Assassins!”  I think they are looking exactly in the wrong direction.

It’s time for the community to understand that without a police presence in their neighborhood, the environment would be more like it is in Mexico–daily murders.  The police involved in this incident weren’t only providing safety for the community.


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