Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.  The fortieth one.  Forty years ago today, I attended my first (and only) rally.  It was the first Earth Day rally and was held at UCLA.  I was an idealistic teenager who was very aware and concerned about how we were treating our home planet.  In fact, I was a founding member of a club at my high school–ACT, for Attack Contamination Today.  The Earth Day rally at UCLA was very instructive.  I learned a lot that day.  But it was probably not what the promoters of the rally planned for me to learn.

The most important lesson that I learned 40 years ago is that “causes,”  like Earth Day environmentalism, are populated with a wide range of viewpoints, but most of the people involved lacked even the basic beginnings of wisdom.  I saw more “crazies” that day than I would have ever imagined.  The claims they were making were way over the top.  The demands were completely unrealistic.  After a while, I realized that the rally was just a waste of my time and I went home.

I believe that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our Earth.  We need to properly manage its resources.  We need to understand its complexities and how so many things on the Earth are interrelated.  But we also need to exercise wisdom in our stewardship.

The  current preoccupation with “global warming” or “climate change” is a perfect example.  Using very questionable computer models and also very unscientific “science,” the true believers in global warming are trying (and often succeeding) to change public policy.    Very little wisdom is demonstrated as leaders ignore basic scientific methods in favor of pushing a political agenda.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate the 40th Earth Day is to become more aware that truth is perhaps the most endangered species in today’s world.  When caring for and about the Earth, let’s remember that truth–the way things really are–needs to be honored as much as our commitment to care for our Earth.


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