Stalking my Family

I got a call today from my daughter, Julie.  She said that she was taking Josh and Ainsley to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point.  I remembered that there is a webcam there, so I logged on to it.

I scanned around a bit and caught a glimpse of what might have been my granddaughter.  I called Julie and, sure enough, that was them.  I zoomed in for a closer look and took the photo above.

I followed them around a bit.  Josh wasn’t too sure why he was waving to Grandpa when Grandpa was nowhere in sight, but I think he finally understood he was waving at a camera.

An added note:  Be careful how you act in a public place.  You never know who is watching.


2 Responses to “Stalking my Family”

  1. Julie Says:

    Josh saw these pics just now and said “but where was he? I couldn’t see him?”

  2. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had known, I could have logged on too 😮

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