Give President Lincoln His Day Back

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  He was born February 12, 1809 in Kentucky.  He became the 16th president of the United States in 1861.  If Lincoln wasn’t our finest president, he is certainly in the top three.

Lincoln deserves to be remembered on his own day.  The federal holiday on Monday is officially Washington’s Birthday–not celebrated on his birthday, of course, but on the third Monday in February.  In 1971, the Washington’s Birthday holiday was shifted from February 22nd and soon became known as Presidents Day, supposedly honoring both Washington and Lincoln.

The effect of Presidents Day is that we have diluted the remembrance of both Washington and Lincoln.  No one really remembers their actual birthdays.  While both deserve a day of remembrance, other presidents do not. [Jimmy Carter quickly comes to mind.]

So Happy Birthday, President Lincoln.  I’ll remember you and the great leadership and sacrifices that you made for our country.


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One Response to “Give President Lincoln His Day Back”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    I agree!!!!!!!!!!

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