Being Part of History

The Shoreham--My Hotel

I came to Washington, D. C. for a business conference.  I flew in on Monday and was supposed to go home Friday afternoon.  That’s not happening until Sunday night–late.  Why am I staying on.  It’s not because I love Washington so much.  It’s because D. C. is having on of the worst snow storms in one hundred years.  The entire city is closed down.  They are even attempting to keep the streets open; they are just telling everyone to stay in.

So I’m a part of history.  They are already calling it the Blizzard of 2010.  All and all, I would like to just be home.


4 Responses to “Being Part of History”

  1. Julie p Says:

    You are right – that is a good amount of snow. But for it to shut down a city? silly.

  2. Summer quilter Says:

    How sad to be in Washington D.C. and not be able to visit the museums and historic sites because they don’t know what to do with snow. They need to invest in more shovels!

  3. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    WOW—I have never been in a blizzard where the whole city has closed down. I think it must be DC, as that amount of snow would never close Cleveland down. We had over 3 feet of snow in January! They need to get some BIG snow plows out there!!!!!!!!

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