End of the First Quarter

President Obama finishes the first quarter of his presidency today.  A co-worker asked me yesterday what I was going to write in my blog to bash the president.  She told me to go back to my office and to think of what I have done to help the president instead of just bashing him.

The problem that challenge raises is I don’t want President Obama’s agenda to succeed.  I don’t want the federal government to take over one-sixth of the national economy with Obama’s health care reforms.  I don’t want to pretend that there is a threat of man-caused global warming/climate change that would require massive changes to the way with conduct our lives and operate our businesses and industries.  I don’t want to naively think that offering apologies worldwide and  talking with tyrants will lead to peace.

Yesterday’s senatorial election in Massachusetts  shows that I am not alone.  In a state with 3 to 1 Democratic registration, Republican Scott Brown’s victory has sent the president a message that his policies are not what the people want.  There is a problem, however.  Even though the voters of Massachusetts sent the message, I don’t think that the President got it.  He has a long history of not getting it.  I’m guessing that he will intensify his effort to cram down the unpopular health care reforms, even though increasingly more and more Americans have no interest in the massive changes.

The President was elected on a promise of Hope and Change and openness.  There has been little openness in the Obama Administration.  So far, the opposite has been the rule instead of the exception.  The health care reforms have only made it this far because of special deals brokered in the backrooms far from the eyes of the public.  The changes have been dramatic.  Candidate Obama criticized the Bush Administration for creating a bad economy.  President Obama has spent and spent the nation into enormous debt.  It’s effect has been, and will continuing to be for a long time, a tremendous drag on the economy.  A year into his presidency, Obama needs to realize that this is now his economy, not Bush’s.   But there is always hope.  Hope that the nation can recover from the president’s shortsighted  policy changes.

The first quarter is over.  Three years is a long time.  Hopefully, the mid-term elections in November will end the one-party rule in our federal government and moderate the actions of our most liberal/leftist president ever.


One Response to “End of the First Quarter”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    I guess the Republicans finally showed the country how things need to be done. This last year has been a disaster. Hopefully things will improve.

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