The Rush Off the Cliff

The Senate has jockeyed and maneuvered and paid off the necessary politicians to move the health care reform bill along its way to becoming law.  The anti-abortion Democrat got something for his state, but abandoned his principles–for the first time, abortion will be federally paid.  The anti-government option Independent got what he wanted and caved in–ever though there will certainly be a de facto government option.

After “debating” the bill for several days, it was dumped in the trash and replaced with a “manager’s amendment,” a complete re-do that no one knew exactly what it really contained.  Then the cloture vote at 1:00 AM to move the bill along its way.

There is actually language in the bill that prohibits it from being changed and dropped by future Congresses.  In other words, the Congress is taking over 1/6 of the US economy with bill that no one has read and will prohibit any changes to it in the future.  It’s cast in concrete, chiseled in stone.  I just think Harry Reid is afraid that since this entire fiasco of a law is so unpopular with the nation’s citizens, he is trying to protect it from being repealed after the people vote the power-grabbing Democrats out of office as soon as they have a chance.



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