Why the Rush?

Are Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats rushing the health care reform bill to a pre-Christmas recess vote because they know how unpopular it is with the American public?

With each new public opinion poll, the support for health care reform is dropping further and further.  If the members of Congress go home and honestly listen to their constituents, I think with would return with the firm knowledge that voting for this health care reform bill is a poison pill.  The people don’t want it passed.  It is as simple as that.

I chose the picture at the top of this post for a good reason.  The claim of “Open Government” is quite ironic.  The drafting of the current Senate version of the reform bill has been done completely behind closed doors–tightly closed doors.  No one really knows what is in it or how it will affect the nation.  No ‘Open Government’ here.  It’s just another case of “My way or the highway” politics.

Hopefully, all the Republicans will hang tight and at least one or two Democrats will be statesman-like enough to stop the cloture vote.  That will end, at least for now, the foolish rush to pass the unknown health care reform bill.



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