When Can We Stop Saying “Alleged”

Does anyone doubt that Malik Nidal Hasan murdered 13 people and wounded more than 30 others?  Why then his he still being called the “alleged shooter” or the “suspected gunman”?

I think the history behind “alleged” goes back to Lee Harvey Oswald.  He was called the assassin of President Kennedy before it was proven.  But when a killer is caught in the act, why still use terms that question the facts?

Perhaps the best use of “alleged” in this circumstance would be “alleged chain of command.”  More and more facts are coming out about Hasan’s background and it appears that he had absolutely no business being in the military.  There is a report this morning that the CIA thinks he even attempted to contact Al-Qaeda.  From the other facts that have been gathered, it is clear that Hasan was a radical Muslim.  Why didn’t the Army chain of command know about this and do something about it?

As I wrote last week, let’s insist on honesty in this investigation.  Don’t allow the facts to be viewed through the prism of foolish political correctness.


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