Please Be Honest

Yesterday, Ft. Hood was the site of a terrible mass killing.  So far, there are 12 dead and more than 30 wounded.  The gunman was Major Malik Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist that was about to be deployed to Iraq.

Almost immediately, an FBI spokesman announced that the shootings were not terrorist-related.  My question, “How did he know that it wasn’t terrorist-related.”

The FBI, to maintain any credibility, needs to remember what the “I” in FBI stands for–Investigation.  How about a full investigation before making any claims about the motivations behind the shootings.

It would be foolish not to at least be a little suspicious about Hasan’s motives.  Just because he has a Muslim name doesn’t mean that he is a terrorist, but that also isn’t a reason to discount it either.

The facts will come out during an investigation.  Some of the details that have already come out are leading in the direction that Hasan may have been a jihadist.  We don’t know the facts yet.  However, let’s make sure everyone is honest.  Too often, public officials have been to fast to declare that there isn’t any terrorism connection to violent attacks.  I’m afraid that in a rush to appear politically correct, we are ignoring important facts.

Please be honest.



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