Health Care Reform–Like It or Not

Speaker of the House Nancy Peloski has announced that the health care reform bill will be up for a vote on Saturday.  I have found this entire issue very interesting.

Most people are mainly happy with their current health care plans.  However, the Democratic leadership–both the president and congressional leaders, is insisting that a massive change be made and be made quickly.

The coverage of uninsured Americans is a major stated goal of the reform.  However, under the proposed changes, many people will remain uncovered.  Lower medical costs is another stated goal.  But the reforms will cost massive amounts of money that we don’t have.  Tort reform would have the biggest impact to cost reduction, but there isn’t any tort reform in the bill.  The added costs will be shifted to the taxpayers.  The true results will be getting a lot less for a lot more.

Medical care makes up about one-sixth of the American economy.  The reform bill will put that massive portion of the economy under government control.  The government, which almost by definition is inefficient and often ineffective, certainly will not be able to manage this complex system better than the market can.  We only have to look to our neighbor to the north to see what will happen once the American medical system is under government control.  Drops in quality and in quantity.  Rationed care.  Long waits for surgery.

What is the rush?  Why not make focused, incremental changes to fix the things that actually need to be fixed?  Unfortunately, I think the answers are pure politics.  To get such a major bill passed, it needs to be viewed as a dire emergency.  Immediate action.  The bill has less to do with medical care reform than the need of the democrats to get their liberal agenda passed while the have the opportunity.

In the election one year ago, the people voted for hope and change.  Unfortunately, not enough thought went into what those changes would be.  Hopefully enough of our elected representatives in Congress will understand that these proposed changes are too radical to become law just because of political pressure.



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