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The Secret Good Turn

September 27, 2009

As a boy scout, I learned the power of Doing a Good Turn Daily.  The idea is to be of help to someone every single day, not so much for the other person, but to cultivate a better character for yourself.

Sometimes we can see the results of our actions.  More  often than not, I suppose, we don’t have a clue what kind of effect we have on others.

The other day, I learned from a co-worker that a mutual acquaintance had just gotten a new job.  It was a big change–a great future, a big increase in pay, and the opportunity to learn new skills.  I sent her a brief e-mail along the lines of “Just heard about your good news.  Congratulations!  I hope all goes well with the new job.”  Nothing fancy; just a quick Congrats!  The next morning, my co-worker called and said that I had made this acquaintance’s entire day.  It was just a quick note, but apparently it had a big impact.

We never really what is going on in another’s life or how our words or deeds will affect them.  Hopefully, our actions will all be for good and perhaps even “make someone entire day.”