Falling into the Middle of Summer

Today at 2:18 PM PDT, the Sun will cross the Equator and Fall will officially begin in the northern hemisphere.

Fall, Autumn.  Cooler days, crisp nights.  Yellow, orange and red leaves.  Pumpkins.  Cider.  You know the routine.

Except that’s not how it will work here today.  Today will probably be in the triple digits, with a Santa Ana wind.  The only thing crisp will be the dried out vegetation on the hills surrounding our home.  Hopefully no firebugs will try to celebrate the Equinox with a fire.

Welcome to Fall–or Summer!

While “equinox” means equal night, suggesting that the length of the day and the night will be equal today.  It’s not quite true.  The day when the day and night are both about 12 hours long is call equilux.  The date of equilux varies with both latitude and longitude.  Equilux in Simi Valley (and most of North America) will be about September 25-26, 2009.

A few interesting equinox links:

Balancing Eggs

Equinox on Wikipedia

Dates and Times of Earth’s Seasons


One Response to “Falling into the Middle of Summer”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    “Happy Fall”!!!!!!!!!

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