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September 16, 2009

The latest take on Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst is that it was a racist comment.  This explanation has been made by several, including former president Jimmy Carter.  The racist charge is wider than the “You lie” comment.  It includes the opposition to health care reforms.

Playing the race card has become a favorite way of trying to stifle opposition.  “You don’t agree with the President.  Oh, you must be a racist.”  End of issue.

I am sure that there are individuals on the fringe who are racists and who will oppose anything that President Obama proposes just because they are full of hate.  But these are few and far between.

Racism is ugly and inexcusable.  When it does show its face, it needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.  However, just because one disagrees with a president who happens to be black, doesn’t mean that the disagreement is raced-base.

Now isn’t the time for name calling.  It’s the time for open and honest debate on important public policy matters.  Let’s not murk up the discussion with false charges of racism.