The End of Summer??

Labor Day has traditionally been considered the end of summer.  Wendy has been back in school for 2 weeks, so, so much for the Labor Day end of summer.  Summer vacation was over then around our house.

We decided to do an “end-of-summer” activity anyway today.  We got up at 5:00AM and hit the road for the beach.  Low tide was a little after 5:00 and sunrise was at 6:34.  We arrived at Silver Stand at Port Hueneme about 6:15.   Our goal:  sand dollars.

We had a nice walk along the beach.  We did find some sand dollars; however, none of them was complete.  But it was still fun finding pieces and chunks of sand dollars among the colorful, tumbled rocks.

We brought a picnic breakfast and enjoyed it at sun up, watching the pelicans look for their breakfast.

We had some great adventures this summer—a cruise from Boston to Montreal, a trip to southeastern Texas, and a trip to Utah.  We also did some nice day trips around Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Summer may be over, but I’m sure that the adventures will never finish.  One thing that I’m planning on doing to keep the adventures rolling is to attempt to enliven my photography blog.  I’m going try daily posts again at  I did daily entries for almost a year, but it has been pretty much inactive for over a year.  It’s time to get back in the groove with my photography.


One Response to “The End of Summer??”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    Glad to hear you are going to do your 365 again! I love looking at all your pics!

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