Traveling Light

Yesterday I saw a book titled Traveling Light, by Brian Andreas.  I just took a few seconds to look at it.  The full title is
Traveling Light: Stories & Drawings for a Quiet Mind.  The book seems fun and a little quirky.  What intrigued me was the title.

Traveling Light.  As a backpacker, I’ve always tried to use that as a guideline in packing.  Keep it light; the load only feels heavier to farther you go.  It been my experience that the lighter the load, the more enjoyable the journey.

Traveling Light.  As a photographer, I can read light as a noun.  Sometimes the quality of the light seems different when I am traveling away from home.  Different place, different way of seeing.

Traveling light can be a good motto to live by.  As we travel through life, we can pick up all sorts of  baggage–some good, some not so good.  The trick for traveling light is to determine what things are essential and what things are just going to be a burden farther down the trail.

Traveling light requires us to make decisions–what should I take, what should a keep, what is important, what is frivolous.

Are we carrying heavy burdens that we need to drop to make our journey a better one?  Do we need to drop some of our extra baggage–things that might be just fine, but are crowding out the more important or the more meaningful things of life that will bring us more happiness and joy?  Do we need to look at our lives in a new or different light to be able to see things that we need to change and improve?

So there’s to Traveling Light.  Let’s evaluate what we are carrying, let’s decide what needs changing, and let’s make the changes that will allow us to have a better, more meaningful trip.


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