Why are We Rushing to Make the Nation’s Finances Just Like California?

My home state of California is in serious financial trouble.  For years, we have been busy spending money that we didn’t have.  And now we have run out of places to borrow money.  We are deep in debt, with no easy way out.

On a federal level, we are heading in the same direction.  Busy spending money that we don’t have.  And what is the vice president’s solution:  spend even more money.

If you are in a hole and want to get out, digging the hole deeper and deeper will rarely get you out of the hole.

The President wants to rush and to hurry into more trouble by passing a bill that will drastically change the way health care is handled.  The cost is staggering and the result will most probably lead to inferior health care for most Americans.   Less care for more money.  Doesn’t sound like a very good deal.

Why the rush?  Why not a deliberate, thoughtful approach, especially for something so complex as health care?



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