What Then?

I recently read a book on economics but, unfortunately, don’t remember the book’s title or the author.  He was a refreshingly clear thinker.  The most important point that I took away from the book is the question, “What then?”.

“What then?” is the analysis required to determine the full  impact of the consequences of a decision.  If you do A, what then will happen?  And then what will happen after that, and then after that, and so on.  By completely thinking through an issue, you may discover that the full consequences of an action might have an effect that isn’t wanted.

The nation is on the verge of a complete transformation of our medical care system.  Now is the time to ask “What then?” many, many times.  If these questions are honestly and fully answered, we will understand the devastating consequences of more government involvement in the medical deliver system.  If a “government option” occurs, the only result will be inferior medical care for almost everyone in the country.  The world’s greatest medical system will become like Canada’s or Great Britain’s.  No one from the United States goes to Canada to receive better treatment.  However, Canadians come to the US for care in large numbers.

Hopefully the brakes can be applied to involving the government any more than it already is in our medical system.  If not, the What then’s won’t have very happy answers.


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One Response to “What Then?”

  1. James Says:

    So true about Canada! I would never ever EVER recommend a Canadian doctor to anyone for anything. My friend who ended up having a blood clot on the back of his knee was diagnosed with ‘minor pain’ and told to ice it, elevate it, and take some advil.

    When it is ‘free,’ everyone gets their 5 minutes with the doctor, no matter if it’s a sniffle or a broken bone. There is an obvious difference in severity, yet there is not a difference in time to treat it in socialized medicine.

    I was talking with a lady about health care in the US and Canada and she, being a refugee from Colombia, said that Canada’s system is far superior to the US’ because it was ‘free.’ She said this as she had just broken her foot and needed surgery to repair it. Regrettably, I did not have the opportunity to have a follow up discussion with her 8 weeks later when she had her surgery and they had to break her foot again to get it to heal correctly.

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