Don’t Call Her Ma’am

Senator Barbara Boxer, who is, unfortunately my senator, doesn’t like being called Ma’am.  Please call her “Senator” Boxer.

Brigadier General Michael Walsh of the Army Corps of Engineers was testifying before a Senate committee about the New Orleans levee system.  The general, using perfectly acceptable military protocol of addressing a superior as Ma’am, was told by Senator Boxer to use the title Senator.  Check out the clip above.

Senator Boxer–Chill out and get over it. Leave your ego in the cloak room next time. The general was being polite.  He was being respectful.   Show some class and return that courtesy and respect.  Call the general “General” and allow him to call you “Ma’am.” Hopefully, we in California will soon be able to address you as the  “former Senator Boxer.”


2 Responses to “Don’t Call Her Ma’am”

  1. Joe Says:

    In addition, Chris Matthews said this on his June 18 program: “I guess the question is this: Had he said “sir” to a male senator, would that senator be correct in correcting the general? There is a history, however, and let us not forget, of male-female condescension in the U.S. Senate. Just recall the Anita Hill testimony of not too long ago. That just might encourage a woman senator to insist on the title, senator. That being said, an Army spokesman later today says “sir, ma’am, or senator” are all deemed appropriate under the protocol when addressing a U.S. Senator. That’s their story.”

    So the General is clearly guilty of male-female condescension, Mr. Matthews? Maybe you should do what I did and actually research the story before commenting. I checked out more of the hearing at Was the General treating her Highness differently and more deferentially than the other senators? I randomly started at about 46.00 and ended around 1.09.00. In that time period Gen. Walsh addressed Sen. Vitter as “sir” 14 times and as “Senator” twice; he addressed Sen. Landrieu as “ma’am” 6 times and as “Senator” twice (and once as “sir” which he quickly corrected to “ma’am”). Neither Sens. Vitter nor Landrieu apparently had a problem with the polite and respectful way they were addressed – even though they had ‘earned’ the same title as her Royal Senatorness.

    The only thing Boxer and her blind lackey Matthews have earned is my sincere contempt.

  2. Pat Bruder Says:

    Babs, get over yourself!

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