Happy Birthday, Dad

Dad on His Wedding Day--April 1, 1950

Dick Oakford on His Wedding Day--April 1, 1950

Today is my dad’s birthday.  He would have been 84 today.  It’s hard to believe, but he died 17 years ago.  We still miss him.

My dad was a good man.  He taught me many lessons, usually by his example.  He taught me how to love and take care for my wife by the way he loved and took care of my mother.  He taught me the importance of shining my shoes.  He taught me how to fish.  He taught me the value of a good adventure.  He taught me the love of the outdoors.  He taught me to love our country and to honor our flag.  He taught me how to be a good father.

When I was out of work for an extended time, Dad would bring over bags of groceries.  He would say,  “I don’t want my grandkids to go hungry.”  From 9th through 12th grades, he would wake me up in the morning, and, while I was in the shower, would make my lunch and cook me a nice breakfast before I would go to Seminary and then to school.  Sunday mornings were the same–he would get me up, fix my breakfast, and drive me to church.

Today is his birthday.  Father’s Day is soon.  Both special days to remember him.  If you didn’t know my dad, you missed out.  If you did know him, you probably have a good story or two about him.  Feel free to share them.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad”

  1. stacydesigns Says:

    His uniform of plaid shirts, khaki pants, and dark sock (usually holey because he never wore shoes).

    His blue bike that he would ride around the neighborhood, with just his socks on, and honk his bike horn. He would have gotten great exercise if he didn’t stop to talk to everyone in the neighborhood.

  2. coakford Says:

    Steve thought that he only owned one pair of pants because he was always wearing khakis. One day, Grandma was doing the laundry and opened the door to Grandpa’s closet. Here, on separate hangers, hung a whole week’s worth of khaki pants. He had more than one pair after all.

    As far as the bike goes, I think he spent more time standing and talking than he did riding.

    I sometimes wonder what he would have said to me if I was out riding my bike in socks. Would have probably chewed me out. 🙂

  3. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    The memory that I have is the trips we would make to the beach in the summer time. Dad would pack an amazing lunch with his secret punch and garbage cookies that we had no idea what were in them but tasted oh so good. We would put up the umbrella, lay out the blanket and take those really cool rafts out into the ocean and ride the waves. We would make HUGE sandcastles and cities and he would dig the deepest holes for us and we would fill them up with water. SO much fun!

  4. Rich Allred Says:

    I just ran across your blog here, actually looking for a picture of Grandpa Dick!
    I know that this comment is a few years too late but I think I’ll post it anyway.

    Being so far away from Grandma and Grandpa my memories are few and far between but I remember a time that they came over to our first house in West Jordan and Eric and I were making fun of Grandpa’s large eyebrows – so he licked his fingers, curled them upward then chased us around the house saying “I’m the devil! I’m the devil!”

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