O.J.’s Day of Reckoning

“Acts of Stupidity?”

OJ Simpson was sentenced today to a total of 15 years for the crimes related to his bungled attempt to steal his own junk–at least he thinks at was his stuff.

The judge, Jackie Glass, wouldn’t let OJ wear street clothes, but insisted that he appear in court dressed in a prison jumpsuit and wearing handcuffs.  While the attorneys spoke, Simpson looked as uncomfortable as could be.    OJ spoke on his own behalf, telling his sad story.  He said he didn’t think that he was doing anything wrong.

The judge said that Simpson was both ignorant and arrogant.  She didn’t buy the apology, but relied on all the “overwhelming” taped evidence.  “Acts of Stupidity?”  Nope, the judge didn’t buy that one either.  She said that it was “much more than stupidity,” that it was armed robbery.

The irony is pretty thick.  He kills 2 people and walks away from the criminal charges.  He is found responsible for the deaths in a civil trial, but doesn’t pay a dime of the award.  Again, he walks away.  Then he get caught stealing “memorabilia” and he is going to prison.  He has acted like he has been above everything.  Well, those days are over.

Justice had to wait a few years, but OJ in now where he belonged a long time ago.  Just too bad it isn’t for longer.



One Response to “O.J.’s Day of Reckoning”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    Like the old saying goes–“What goes around, comes around”. Everything goes full circle! I wonder what ever happened to his poor children. Those are the ones I feel sorry for. Can you imagine having him for your father?

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