The First On Her Block

I usually put my mom’s Christmas light put for her after Thanksgiving.  However, the long-range weather forecast has rain predicted for next week.  So a change of plans.

After a morning of geocaching in Camarillo while Wendy was taken a sewing class, we took the long way to Los Angeles–through the Santa Monica Mountains to the ocean.  The day was a little hazy, but it was an enjoyable drive.  The ocean was about as flat as it gets–completely different than the Santa Ana wind blown white caps of last weekend.

The Christmas lights got put up in record time because I had helpers–Wendy and Mom.  It also helped that the weather was nice.

So we jumped the “wait until Thanksgiving” rule of Christmas decorating.  But that’s OK because my mom really enjoys having Christmas lights.



One Response to “The First On Her Block”

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) Says:

    SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! That was so nice of you and Wendy to put all those lights up for Mom. Do you have a picture of the lights on the side of the house? I wish our snow would melt so I could put up our lights!

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