My Bi-Annual Flag Rant

Can someone teach our Olympians proper respect for the Flag?

I’m all for showing pride, but there are proper and appropriate ways to show the Flag. Using the Flag as a cape isn’t one of them.

Every Olympics, the same disrespectful displays of the Flag happen. One year, well before the Olympics, I wrote the United States Olympic Committee, asking them to give all our Olympic athletics instructions on proper respect for the Flag. I never got a response.


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4 Responses to “My Bi-Annual Flag Rant”

  1. California Girl :o) Says:

    I agree with you. I think it is disgusting that not only the Americans, but other countries display our flag as a blanket. It is disrespectful. They should hold a small flag in their hands and leave the larger flags folded in their boxes, not as a blanket. Terrible.

  2. Julie Says:

    Ainsley started crying on my lap when we were reading this. Apparently, she agrees with you.

  3. Cheryl A. Says:

    I totally agree with you too and I hope others do. Please post the address of the US Olympic Committee so more of us can write in. Of course I love it when the US wins gold but it is a double ended sword when I see them prancing around with a wadded up flag in their hand or drapped over their sweaty back.

  4. California Girl :o) Says:

    Oh, I forgot to say this to. That first picture, and I can’t remember her name, is gross. Why does she even bother wearing anything. You can see straight through her suit. I can’t stand beach volleyball. I don’t think they need to wear such skimpy outfits. The guys don’t.

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