When Don’t the Police Care If You Break the Law?

When they are the LAPD and you are an illegal alien.

For years, the LAPD have operated under Special Order 40 which forbids police officers to inquire into the immigration status of people they deal with in any way. In other words, if you are in the country illegally, you get a free pass from the LAPD, no matter what.

Special Order 40 is getting attention now because of the recent killing of Jamiel Shaw Jr., a high school-aged young man, killed in front of his home by a gang member, in the country illegally and who had been released from jail for a felony just hours before the shooting.

The killer, Pedro Espinoza, had been serving time for assault with a deadly weapon. He is a member of the 18th Street Gang and has been a member of violent gangs since he was 12 year old. Had his immigration status been check while he was in jail, he could have been deported from the country instead of being allowed to kill an innocent boy.

I’ve noticed that whenever there is a shooting on the street recently, the police and the politicians trip all over themselves as they rush to microphones to tell us that the shooting isn’t gang related, when anyone with a thimble-full of sense knows that the chances of it being gang related is extremely high. It’s the ostrich approach to law enforcement–if I don’t see it or admit to it, it didn’t happen.

The latest ostrich-item is gang and race related violence. There is a war between the black and Hispanic gangs. They take turned shooting each other. It seems, more often than not, that the innocent bystanders are the ones that are killed, just because they are there. The typical police or politician response–“We don’t think this was gang/race related.” Even after the federal government got convictions for “ethnic cleansing” activities of Hispanic gangs in Highland Park, city official deny that there are race related killings.

Doug McIntyre, KABC’s morning talk show host, wondered this morning what would have happened it Jamiel Shaw’s killer was a white racist. The community activists would have gone crazy.

It’s time to clean the city of its gangs. But this can never be done if we are so worried about being politically correct. Eliminate Special Order 40. Whenever a gang member is arrested, determine his immigration status. After punishment, get him out of the country. If he comes back, arrest him again.

Come down on all gangs–hard. Institute a zero-tolerance policy on any illegal behavior, no matter how minor, for any gang member. Make life so difficult for him that they either stop, get out of town, or go to jail.

Instead of meaningless resolutions, like asking for 40 hours without violence to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr, the City Council should show some spine and let all the gangbangers in Los Angeles that their time is up by demanding enforcement of the law–all the laws.


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