Being Judged by the Friends You Keep

The idea of being judged by the friends or the company that one keeps is being raised in the presidential campaign. There have been several rounds of advisers in either the Clinton or Obama campaigns first saying something, then being called on the carpet and being dismissed. Now the big story is Jeremiah Wright Jr., Barack Obama’s longtime pastor.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., is the senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. For quite some time, the Afro-centric positions of the church have received attention. Now, recordings of Pastor Wright’s sermons have been publicized. Put mildly, they are full of racist, bigoted, and hate-filled rantings. Click here for a Fox News report on it.

Senator Obama has been a member of this church for over 20 years. He counts Pastor Wright as an important personal adviser. He and his wife were married by Pastor Wright and their children were baptized by him. It is easy to make the assumption that he has heard Pastor Wright preach these ideas. If he wasn’t in attendance, he could easily know of them.

So, the big question. Is it fair or appropriate to judge Senator Obama for the statements made by his pastor?

I think it is appropriate. It is important to consider how our political candidates make their judgments. What are their standards? How do they judge good and evil?

Barack Obama has chosen a bigoted, anti-American pastor as his spiritual adviser. He has stated that he doesn’t think that his church is out of the mainstream. Just those two facts cause me to question Obama’s judgment. Considering the long-term relationship, I’m not sure how Obama can explain his way out of this situation. If the roles were reversed and a white candidate’s longtime pastor was heard preaching hate-filled sermon against non-whites, it would be the end of the candidate’s political future.


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