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February 27, 2008

Can someone please explain to me why anyone’s foreclosure problems should be a concern of the government? I just don’t understand. Is it because we are in an election year and anyone’s and everyone’s problems need to the addressed and then solved by those running for president?

We waited a very long time before we were able to purchase a home. When we made the deal, I needed to be confident that I would be able to pay the loan. We have refinanced a couple of times to take advantage of better interest rates. Each time, we had to determine what the monthly payments would be and decide how they would fit into our financial picture. If we can’t make the payments for whatever reason, that is a issue between the lender and my wife and me. No one else. I made the deal. I need to be responsible for it.

The guiding concept here is Choice and Accountability. We have the freedom to make choices. After we made the choices, we need to be accountable for them. If we make a bad choice, we need to take personal responsibility for it. We shouldn’t look for a bail out from the government. Government’s role should not be to protect us from the consequences of our bad decisions.