Christmas vs Holiday

Last night, Wendy was watching a show on decorating your home for Christmas. Except Christmas was barely mentioned. Instead, it was about “holiday” wreathes and “holiday” trees, never a word about Christmas.

After a fairly long segment about a “holiday tree,” the host slipped up a bit by singing a few bars of “O Christmas Tree.”

Why the fear about mentioning the word “Christmas?” Everyone knows a “holiday” tree is a Christmas tree, so why not just call it for what it really is? KOST-FM started playing “holiday” music, not Christmas music, a few days before Thanksgiving. The music is clearly Christmas music, so why hide behind the politically correct “holiday” term?

NEWS FLASH—From around Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, it’s the Christmas season. Whether a religious celebration of the birth of the Savior and a secular celebration with elves, reindeer and Santa, it’s Christmastime, not “Holiday” time. And it’s Christmas, not “holiday” music, Christmas, not “holiday” decorations, and it’s a Christmas tree, not a “holiday” tree. You don’t need to be a Christian to understand what season it is. And no one needs to be offended if the word “Christmas” is uttered in public. The PC people preach the importance of multi-culturalism and then are the first to eliminate the signs of a very important culture in America.

Please don’t offer me Season’s Greetings. It’s Christmastime! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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