Trashing your Home


There is a very clever spot on the radio regarding trash.  The link below will run the ad:

Radio spot

I hate seeing all the trash outside, especially along the roads. Most of it was just thoughtlessly tossed out the windows of cars. CalTrans spends over $40 million just for litter removal. The #1 problem–cigarette butts.

Wouldn’t you just love to do what the guys in the ads are doing? “Hey, buddy. I noticed you dropped something. I’m here to return it to you.”

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a news story about the Woodcraft Rangers taking about 100 kids from the inter-city to the beach for the day. They wanted them to enjoy the day, but they also wanted to teach them an important lesson. The leader said that they wanted to teach the kids what happens to the trash that is tossed on the ground—it ends up in the ocean. She said that it is a cultural thing—tossing trash on the ground just isn’t seen as a problem in their culture. I witness that every Monday morning on my way to work. I drive through Elysian Park, near Dodger Stadium. On Monday mornings, the park is so trashed up from the weekend that a special cleaning crew needs to come in to pick it all up on Mondays.

Wouldn’t it me nice if everyone took personal responsibility for their own trash? Never out the window, always in the garbage can? It’s somewhat like the gardeners who use leaf blowers to blow the leaves and lawn clipping away from the yards they are working on. The yard looks great when they are done, but the junk blown away is still in the neighborhood. “My yard looks great and I really don’t care if my trash is now your trash.”

I took the photo at the top at a rest stop along 395 on my trip to the Sierra last week.


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