Wonder Bread



I always wondered why they called it bread.


When I was a kid, Wonder Bread was heavily advertised on TV as the bread that “Helps build strong bodies in 12 ways.” I always thought it was a joke because it seemed like it was nothing but air, held together with some dough.


Wonder Bread is a casualty of the times. Interstate Bakeries Corporation, the maker of Wonder Bread, announced that it is closing the Wonder Bread bakeries in southern California. No more Wonder Bread for the Southland. However, as far as we know, other Interstate Bakeries products–Ding Dongs and Twinkies–are safe for the time being.


4 Responses to “Wonder Bread”

  1. Julie Says:

    Wonder Bread is so nasty. Feels like you’re eating play-do. I’ll bet LA will still get it from other factories.

    As long as Ding Dongs are safe. (they’re best frozen)

  2. Summer quilter Says:

    I like the Millbrook cracked wheat bread. It’s a casualty too. OH NO!

  3. houseofbreadchatsworth Says:

    Haha, this was a very enjoyable post. You read our minds.

  4. J. Curry Says:

    Where oh where can the wonderful Millbrook cracked wheat bread be found now. I miss it since there is no equal. Cradked Wheat Lover

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