100-year-old Celebrates Her Birthday by Lighting Up


Winnie Langley started smoking when she was 7 years old. She celebrated her 100th birthday by lighting her 170,000 cigarette on her birthday candle. She has smoked at least 5 cigarette a day for the last 93 years. I wonder how much that habit has cost her over the years.

I get a kick out of the advice for a long life offered by centenarians. It ranges from living a good religious life to having a daily shot of whiskey.

nn_mullen_busclean_060322300w.jpg Arthur “Deke” Winston probably had the best advice. Just keep working. He decided to retire at age 100 from the Los Angeles transit system. He cleaned tolleys and buses for 75 years without ever calling in sick. He only missed one day of work–the day his wife died. And he was never late or left early.

I have a feeling that if you can live to 100, it is mostly a factor of good genetics, and nothing you do added to your life span. It’s a matter of natural selection–the strong make it through most everything—even 170,000 cigarettes.


One Response to “100-year-old Celebrates Her Birthday by Lighting Up”

  1. Summer quilter Says:

    How did she do that? Smoking like that? I guess when it’s your time, it’s your time.

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